How to Update Device Drivers in Windows 10

If any of your devices start to malfunction, updating its driver should be your priority. If the drivers are outdated, then the OS may not be able to communicate with the devices. Therefore, keeping your drivers up-to-date is a must. Open your computer’s Control Panel and click on the System and Security tab, then System. From here, click on System Protection, then System Restore.

You can select the option Search for the driver software on the computer . In general, the Microsoft driver database is quite good and the original driver will eventually be overwritten by the Windows-10 Autoupdate. Windows Update ranks drivers on various factors including the date.

Install NVIDIA drivers

The proper way to get rid of your old driver is by using DDU. This is specialized software that can help you get rid of your GPU or sound drivers for good. Once you have downloaded the software the first thing you need to do is to boot into Safe Mode. This is done to make sure your PC will not run into any issues while uninstalling your GPU driver completely.

  • It won’t work right, if you start DDU without being in safe mode it will reboot windows into safe mode and start itself back up…
  • Lastly, check for the pricing options and free trial availability, among other things.
  • As you can see, it’s not that easy to update drivers manually, even when you follow these detailed steps.
  • The solution to the heating issue is to ensure that the CPU fan has been installed properly and is providing sufficient cooling to the hard disk.

Double-click on the option which you want to update. You can also initiate the Device Manager by pressing the Windows key and R at the same time, which opens the Windows ‘Run’ box, and key the function “devmgmt.msc” and press enter. Often the solution is simple – change your system settings or software parameters to sync with Windows 10, and you’re back in business.

A more technical explanation of Device Drivers

Enable the gesture button to reproduce trackpad gestures you’re already familiar with. Hold the gesture button and move the mouse up, down, left or right to activate different actions such as Windows Task View or Mission Control on the Mac. Control your media playback, pan, zoom, and rotate too. You can update the firmware for only one controller at a time. To update the firmware for multiple controllers, you need to do each controller individually. To update the firmware, use a Windows PC and the app .

Now, double-click to run theUpdateapplication and wait for the process to be completed. Then, select any previousWindows versionwhich is compatible with Discord. Then, right-click on theDiscord appand then selectProperties, as depicted below. Navigate to theDiscordfile location inFile Explorer. You can run a SpeedTest to know the optimum level of network speed required for the proper connection. Right-click on theDiscordicon in the system tray and selectQuit Discord.